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A Message from the broker

While serving New York Life, my articles written on insurance were published in New York City local newspapers. The following articles titled as mortgage protection and funeral insurance became very popular in both online and printed media.

Mortgage protection:

I have noticed that homeowners are at risk of foreclosure since the beginning of loan closure. What if the owner loses the job, or become disabled, or loses income, or dies? I haven’t found any policy which protects homeowners in all of these situations. I have done extensive studies and work to customize a mortgage insurance policy for Homeowners. The policy should ensure the peace of mind for all mortgagees NYC urban homeowners .

The companies I work with are best known because of reputation and financial strength. The policy is designed to take care of the homeowners’ concern with disability, death or loss of income.

How does it work? In the case of homeowners death, the company should pay the agreed amount to the family so that family can decide either to pay off the loan or buy a new home. The family shall have the freedom to buy a business to ensure continuous income. In the case of disability or loss of income for any reason, the homeowners should be able to withdraw money against his/her insurance policy and keep paying the monthly mortgage. Currently, there are some companies who sell only life insurance policy instead of Mortgage protection. To make a right choice review policy details before making a decision.

Funeral insurance:

I have experienced a lot of trouble to raise funds for a funeral in local religion institution when a member dies. I have felt the importance of a small whole life insurance could be a better option for our family to survive the trauma during… I feel that during the time of funeral family members should not be worried about final expense. Rather they should spend time in prayers for the diseased person.

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